Truck Accessories Group, LLC (TAG) is North America’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and tonneaus. The group is comprised of six companies: LEER, Pace Edwards, Century, Raider, StateWide Windows and Waypoint Logistics. Together, these companies have manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Washington and California and sell through more than 1,300 independent dealers to individuals, small businesses, new car and truck dealerships, and fleet operators.





Founded in the late 1960s, LEER is the most widely recognized brand name in the truck cap industry and the number-one selling brand of pickup truck caps and tonneau covers in the country. LEER truck caps are custom-manufactured in Indiana, California, and Pennsylvania and delivered by a company-owned truck fleet to more than 800 independent LEER retailers. The industry leader in innovation, quality and customer service, LEER offers the industry’s most complete selection of truck caps for consumer and commercial use, fiberglass tonneaus, retractable tonneau covers, and a soft roll-up cover.


With its wide range of products, dozens of standard and optional features, and its partnerships with racking and storage solutions companies such as Thule, LEER offers products that appeal to a large and diverse customer base. Customized ordering ensures LEER can create a truck cap or tonneau for urban or rural use that appeals to families, hunters and fishermen, cyclists and boating enthusiasts or anyone who needs a stylish, well-built cargo solution. For its commercial and fleet customers, LEER offers truck caps customized with dozens of trade-related options and storage systems.





Century is one of the most recognized names in the truck cap industry. Launched in 1970 as RAM Aluminum in Elkhart Indiana, the company specialized in building aluminum truck caps. Within five years RAM became one of the largest aluminum manufacturers of truck caps in the United States. In the mid 1970s, the company began to build fiberglass truck caps and tonneaus under the name Century Fiberglass. With RAM Aluminum and Century Fiberglass, the company quickly developed a reputation for excellent service, affordable pricing, and a product offering to meet its customer’s needs. Today, Century continues to offer a full line of fiberglass models, as well as aluminum and commercial-grade truck caps. With its network of more than 300 dealers, its traditional styling and time-tested construction, Century is situated in the center of the competitive truck cap and tonneau industry.





Raider manufactures and distributes truck caps and tonneaus, with over 150 independent dealers across North America. The company’s dealer network extends from Canada to Texas across the center of North America. Raider now shares production facilities with sister companies LEER and Century in Elkhart, Indiana, to allow further expansion in the high-volume U.S. market.


Raider’s fleet of trailers ensures timely, dependable and efficient delivery to dealers. A full line of fiberglass caps and tonneaus with options from carpet to clothes racks, window options and other features position Raider as a leading-edge supplier in the industry.





Pace Edwards is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, retractable tonneau covers. Headquartered in Centralia, Washington, the company serves customers in the United States and Canada through warehouse distributors and a proprietary network of approximately 2,000 active retailers and jobbers. Pace Edwards also complements its product line with a variety of high-quality line of fleet and commercial products for service body and delivery vehicles.


Founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of sailboat accessories, the company soon began

making hard retractable tonneau covers for pickup trucks. By 1989, Pace Edwards had become the North American leader in that market. Today, the company manufactures several of the highest quality covers available on the market including spring-loaded and electric retractable tonneaus. Affordable, practical and stylish, Pace Edwards’ products offer customers a secure way to protect cargo and provide access to the full bed when needed.





StateWide Windows is a leading manufacturer of window and door assemblies for the truck cap and livestock trailer industries and is a leading supplier to Truck Accessories Group. By designing products that meet the ever-changing needs of customers, StateWide has established itself as the supplier of choice in the industry. Established in 1970 in Elkhart, Indiana, as a manufacturer of windows for the truck cap industry, StateWide expanded in 1995 and began manufacturing windows and doors for the livestock trailer industry. Today the company fabricates advanced window, door and access panel systems using aluminum-framed and chemically bonded components.


In addition to working with TAG companies, StateWide Windows serves more than 400 customers nationwide as well as a number of important international accounts.





Waypoint Logistics manages the complex operational details involved in the delivery of truck caps and tonneaus for all the Truck Accessories Group companies (LEER, Pace Edwards, Century and Raider), as well as the glass, windows and doors manufactured by StateWide Windows.


Utilizing a large fleet of delivery trucks, Waypoint manages the timely flow of materials, finished goods and equipment. Its highly integrated operation involves information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing and security.












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