Frequently Asked Questions: Working at JB Poindexter & Co

Where are JB Poindexter & Co’s offices?JB Poindexter and its nine business units have offices and facilities across the United States. The JB Poindexter & Co headquarters is in Houston, Texas.
What is JB Poindexter and Co’s mission?JB Poindexter & Co's mission is to provide superior value and service to our customers and to offer professional and financial growth to our team members. Our company's success is derived from fostering a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment, which values and rewards excellence.
What is JBPCO’s company history?JB Poindexter & Co was founded in 1985 by John B. Poindexter. The company started as private equity investment firm and is now a privately held, diversified manufacturing company forecasting $1.8B in annual revenue and 7,000 team members in 2021. The nine operating subsidiaries, covering over 50 locations, are engaged in the production of commercial truck bodies, step-vans, utility trucks, funeral coaches, limousines, electric and alternative fuel vehicles, pickup truck bed enclosures, precision machining, and expandable foam plastic packaging.
Do JBPCO employees travel for work?Some JB Poindexter team members are required to travel, whether to the business units for collaboration with various team members, or for tradeshows, events, seminars, etc. Travel depends on role, department, and organizational need.
Does JB Poindexter & Co offer vacation time?Yes, paid vacation time is offered, and vacation days are determined by job level and years of experience. We value our dedicated employees and encourage them to take time off and enjoy time away from the office.
Who founded JB Poindexter & Co?John B. Poindexter founded the company in 1985 and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman.
Will I have a good work-life balance working at JB Poindexter?Our team is made up of hardworking, experienced individuals at JB Poindexter & Co, so we put a premium on developing a strong work-life balance — the mental health of our employees is important, and we want them to enjoy their lives outside of work.
Can I work from home remotely at JBPCO?At JB Poindexter & Co, we believe face-to-face interaction is important. JBPCO does allow team members to work from home, and fully remote options are available on a case-by-case basis.
Does JB Poindexter sponsor Visas or work permits?For positions with unique technical requirements, we may consider Visa sponsorship based on business need.
What type of training at JB Poindexter will I receive?We want to lay a foundation of success for new hires and ensure that they have the proper tools and education to prosper. We are committed to training and developing our team members. The actual type of training will vary by department and role.
Does JB Poindexter & Co offer tuition reimbursement?JB Poindexter offers 100% reimbursement up to $10,000 for continuing education costs
What are JBPCO’s growth opportunities?JB Poindexter & Co has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, in terms of both revenue, team member and business unit expansion, which has led to career development opportunities for many of our team members. Reviews are also conducted annually to give team members feedback and to discuss goals.
Does JB Poindexter & Co offer relocation programs?Some of our roles may qualify for relocation. If you are invited to interview for an open position, ask your recruiter.
Is JB Poindexter & Co committed to Equal Opportunities?At JB Poindexter & Co, equal employment opportunity is the foundation to a diverse workforce. We focus on finding and hiring the most qualified candidates that will bring a range of diversity to the team.
Does JBPCO provide health insurance?Yes, JB Poindexter & Co provides health insurance that features the Blue Cross Blue Shield network of providers.
What is the dress code at JB Poindexter?The dress code at our corporate office in Houston, Texas is business professional.
Do you offer part time jobs at JB Poindexter & Co?JB Poindexter & Co does not currently offer part time jobs.
What kind of learning experience will I gain?Your professional development is essential at JB Poindexter & Co, and your supervisor will work with you to create an individual plan based on the position requirements and your background.
What is the culture at JB Poindexter & Co?JB Poindexter & Co's company culture is more traditional, supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on being one of the most respected names in the transportation and automotive industries and look to continue cultivating a culture of hard work and diversity.
What benefits should I expect from JB Poindexter & Co?JB Poindexter & Co offers a full slate of benefits including 401(k) with company match, medical, dental, vision and life insurance.
Who is on the JB Poindexter & Co leadership team?Our executive team features some of the brightest minds and experts in the commercial automotive and manufacturing industries. An overview of our key executive team members can be found here.
Who is CEO of JB Poindexter & Co?John B. Poindexter is the Chairman and CEO, and Norb Market is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).
Is JB Poindexter hiring?JB Poindexter & Co has current job openings at our Houston, Texas headquarters. We are hiring for roles in various departments throughout the organization. Use this link to see all active job openings for JBPCO and the business units.
How do I join the JBPCO talent community?To join the JB Poindexter & Co talent community, use this link to look at open job opportunities at both our Houston, Texas headquarters and throughout North America at our different business unit's facilities.
What does JB Poindexter & Co’s hiring process look like?During JB Poindexter & Co's hiring process, we conduct several interviews depending on the role. We typically screen with a phone call, to give more details on the job and gauge fit and interest. Formal interviews will then be scheduled. With some, interviews are one-on-one, and others may be with a group setting. The final candidate is provided a conditional offer based on completion of background check, drug screen and references.
What does onboarding look like?Newly hired team members will receive pre-hire paperwork via our HR/payroll system. On day one of employment, you will have an orientation to introduce you to the company and our business units and meet your team. You may also be assigned a buddy to help integrate you into the company.   
How long does the background check take?Background checks are for all new employees hired at JB Poindexter & Co typically take 3-7 business days.
What is JBPCO doing to keep employees safe during COVID-19?At JB Poindexter & Co, we are continuing to take COVID-19 seriously. Early in the pandemic, we put strict safety and cleaning protocols in place to provide a safe and healthy workplace. As vaccination levels increased, we have adjusted (e.g., no mask for vaccinated team members, work from home) while continuing to focus on providing a safe and healthy workplace.