Business Units – EAVX

Next generation work truck bodies and accessories

EAVX is the newest business unit in the JB Poindexter enterprise.  JB Poindexter has $2B in revenue with 95% of its business is dedicated to transportation solutions. EAVX's mission is to envision and develop the next generation delivery, and work truck bodies and accessories integrated with the most sophisticated EV and AV powered chassis and technologies. We collaborate with the most advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers, allowing our chassis collaborators to focus on their revolutionary and proprietary technologies. EAVX and the individual business units of JBPCO intend to become the bodybuilder of choice for chassis producers serving present and future EV and alternative fuel markets.

Founded in 2021


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Phone: 641-629-0921


EAVX provides a one stop, nonexclusive chassis solution for the nation’s leading commercial vehicle fleets, helping them to not just bring their electric and alternative fuel vehicles to customers, but service and support these fleets and vehicles once they’re on the road.


EAVX seeks to be the best integrator and collaborator for electric and alternative fuel technology companies seeking to commercialize advanced electric and alternative fuel vehicles.