Acquisitions Strategy - Approach and Process

Growth through discerning purchases

Over the last 30 years, J.B. Poindexter & Co has completed more than 40 business purchases. Every acquisition is evaluated with a focus on long-term success.

We’re committed to continuing our growth through select acquisitions that establish new platforms, expand into additional regions and improve core competencies.

Corporate Development program
We are growing our “share of the road” to increase the company's presence in currently- served markets or to enable the company to offer products in adjacent or new market platforms.
Through our dedicated team of professionals, we conduct a prompt and efficient sales process with minimal business interruptions. Selling companies can expect:

A prompt response to inquiries of owners and intermediaries

Strict confidentiality during and after our review

Ability to structure transactions to address special situations

Timely payment of intermediary fees and expenses

Continued management or advisory roles for selling shareholders, if desired.

Once acquired by the company, a business is managed for long-term growth. We invest in the management teams, design capabilities, manufacturing operations and brand names of our portfolio companies to achieve sustained competitive advantage in their markets and leadership positions in their industries. If you would like to discuss a potential acquisition with us, please call or contact us using the form below.

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