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Our executive team features some of the brightest minds and experts in the commercial automotive and manufacturing industries. An overview of our key executive team members can be found here.

Our team is made up of hardworking, experienced individuals at JBPCO, so we put a premium on developing a strong work-life balance. The mental health of our employees is important, and we want them to enjoy their lives outside of work.

During JBPCO's hiring process, we conduct several interviews depending on the role. We typically screen with a phone call, to give more details on the job and gauge fit and interest. Formal interviews will then be scheduled. With some, interviews are one-on-one, and others may be with a group setting. The final candidate is provided a conditional offer based on completion of background check, drug screen and references.

JBPCO was founded in 1985 by John B. Poindexter. The company started as private equity investment firm and is now a privately held, diversified manufacturing company forecasting $2.3B in annual revenue and 9,000 team members. The nine operating subsidiaries, covering over 50 locations, are engaged in the production of commercial truck bodies, step-vans, utility trucks, funeral coaches, limousines, electric and alternative fuel vehicles, pickup truck bed enclosures, precision machining and expandable foam plastic packaging.

JBPCO's mission is to provide superior value and service to our customers and to offer professional and financial growth to our team members. Our company's success is derived from fostering a dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment, which values and rewards excellence.

JBPCO has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, in terms of both revenue, team member and business unit expansion, which has led to career development opportunities for many of our team members. Reviews are also conducted annually to give team members feedback and to discuss goals.

JBPCO and its nine business units have offices and facilities across the United States. The JBPCO headquarters is in Houston, Texas.

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