About Us - Our Mission

Innovative solutions in motion

J.B. Poindexter & Co is a privately-held, diversified manufacturing company with consolidated revenue of approximately $1.6 billion. We manage a portfolio of business units engaged in the production of commercial truck bodies, step-vans, service utility truck and van bodies, funeral coaches, limousines, mid-sized buses, vehicle cargo management systems and pick-up truck bed covers and accessories. Our specialty manufacturing segment offers precision machined components and expandable foam plastics.

Why We’re In Business

Our mission is to support our companies by enhancing their current performance while creating long-term value and growth well into the future. Our companies include industry leaders serving customers across North America.

How We Help Businesses

We work with all of our business units to balance the varying interests of team members, customers, vendors, bondholders and lenders, as well as the communities in which our business units operate.


Our executives and staff work within a decentralized management and operating structure. Each business unit assumes complete operational, financial, and administrative responsibility to improve performance, with access to professional and executive management support from the corporate staff.